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IBT Training: Integrated ABA

10 Weeks
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International Behavior Therapist Training

Integrated Applied Behavior Analysis


原價HK$3,680,限時優惠: HK$1,880


Studies have shown that ABA can improve language, communication skills, attention, focus, social skills, memory and academic levels and reduce problem behaviors. Applied behavior analysis has been studied for decades and has been called the gold standard for autism intervention. Various therapists, teachers, counselors and behavioral analysts have been using ABA to help children with autism and related developmental disorders since the 1960s. In addition to autism intervention, ABA can also be used for early childhood training and intervention, counseling, personal behavior improvement and human resource management



    1. Performing preference assessments
    2. Implementation of Reinforcement & Punishment
    3. Implementing Antecedent Modifications
    4. Implementing Token Economy
    5. Understanding differential reinforcements
    6. Understanding application of extinction
    7. Understanding task analysis & teaching self-care skills


Mr. Jenkin Chu

Mr. Hin Ki Jenkin Chu, BCBA, IBA

  • Master of Art (Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Practicum Supervisor (University of Saing Joseph- Master of Conselling & Psychotherapy)
  • Practicum Supervisor (University of Macau- Bachelor of Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with Summa Cum Laude
  • Licensed Hypnotherapist (NGH)
  • Certified Conflict Management Trainer (NFPS)
  • Certified Self-Defense Trainer (NFPS)
  • Certified Restraint and Breakaway Trainer (NFPS)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (LYU)
  • Current Doctoral Study in Education
  • Studied BS Occupational Therapy 2011-2015 (incomplete)


Jenkin holds a master degree in ABA and a bachelor degree in Psychology. He has about 20 years of experience with people with Autism. Since 2002, he has volunteered in Louis Program Hong Kong, an NGO for Autism. In 2008, he studied abroad in Australia where he lives in a family of a children with ASD. In 2009, he started working with the family’s child by providing programs for the child including self-care, gross motor and play skills. In 2011, while he was studying occupational therapy,  he started to provide programs to other Individuals with developmental disabilities and ASD by using ABA methods and teaching them different skills, such as ball games, music instruments, table tasks, sensory-based training in gross motor and fine motor. In 2016, He further strengthened himself by studying expressive art, coaching, projective counselling and other related courses.  His board experience in working with people with Autism enable him to deal with all sort of challenging behaviors and is able to help every child to reach their full potential.

Jenkin also has conducting training with different NGOs including Hong Kong Nesbitt Centre, The ISF Academy (Hong Kong), The Society of Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation, and Macao Richmond Fellowship.


Language of Instruction

  • English

Time Limit

  • 10 weeks


  • HKD$4080-
  • On sale: HK$1680- 


  • Once finished this course, a email will be sent to your email address.
  • If certificate is needed, please contact our staff, there will be a administrative cost of HKD$60-。

System requireemnt

  • Computer with Windows, Linux or Mac, or Smart Phones
  • Student located in Mainland China may have trouble assessing the materials

How to purchase the course?

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Payment methods

any of these payment methods is accpeted

1. PayPal

2. FPS/ PayMe /Bank-in / Cheque

  • FPS: Pay via FPS:8835217,Please kindly pay the tuition to Bank of China (HK), with the account name as MTCL or
  • PayMe : Please scan PayMe QR Code below, printscreen the receipt and send it to our administrators
  • Bank-in: Our Bank of China (HK) account number is 012-890-1-038-682-

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  • 銀行名稱:澳門國際銀行帳戶號碼 : 11111- 201- 037 – 4帳戶名稱 (英文): Meta-Vision Training Consultant Ltd帳戶名稱 (中文)卓域培訓顧問有限公司存入幣值: 港幣(HK$) 即課程學費的港幣實數將屏幕截圖或入數存根,並提供你的姓名聯絡電話 及 Order No,以傳真852-2125 7900 或 電子郵件(PDF檔)發回 ask@hkspt.org本會即可
  • 本會收到閣下的入數傳真或電子郵件後,三天內以會以電子郵件確認閣下課程註冊成功

Once purchase, the system will send you a confirmation email along with a order number.

Digital receipt

  • Once the payment is confirmed, the system will send a digital receipt to your email adddress
  • If paper form receipt is needed, please contact our staff, local postal administration fee is HK$50.

7 days refund garuntee

  • Kindly notify our staff if you would like to apply for a refund in the first 7 days of your initial purchase.


  • For enquiry, please contact us on 852-31110264 or


  1. 本平台提供的視像教材,只供已購買課程之同學作個人學習觀看,任何人不得擅自下載、轉載、發佈、截錄、截圖、轉售、轉讓或分享。
  2. 本平台提供的筆記教材,只供已購買課程之同學作個人學習之用、任何人不得將之全部或部分掃描影印、修改、錄音、發佈、轉手。如有任何侵權行為,本平台會循法律途徑追討損失。
  3. 教學影片設有觀看日期,請於指定日期內收看,逾期將不能再作播放。由於視頻較大,播放前可能要稍作等候,同學亦必須在網絡接收良好的情況下收看視頻。
  4. 本平台只限已完成購買服務的合資格同學作個人使用,如發現同學有違規行為,包括將賬號、密碼、教材供第三者使用,盜錄、下載及傳送影片及盜印教材,本平台有權即時取消同學的一切使用權並要求違規者作出賠償。
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Jenkin Chu

應用行為分析碩士 MA (ABA)
心理學學士 (一級榮譽) BS (Psychology)
國際認可 NLP 執行師 (HKSPT)
認可催眠治療師 (NGH)
認可身體約束及脫身法導師 (NFPS, UK)
認可自衛術導師 (NFPS, UK)
認可衝突管理導師 (NFPS, UK)
認證大笑瑜伽領袖 (Laughter Yoga University)
行為分析師 (已完成認可1500小時實習)

朱憲祈先生,畢業於美國 Cairn University 應用行為分析文碩士,同時亦持有美國心理學(第一榮譽)理學士。Jenkin 從2002年開始接觸自閉症及參與自閉症義工服務,及後於2008年到外國留學,自閉症兒童的家庭寄宿4年,深深體驗照顧自閉症人士的辛酸。

自此,Jenkin 便對自閉症兒童有所感悟和使命感,相信「天生我才必有用」這道理。他於2009年起自行設計課程,以不同方式訓練寄宿家庭中的自閉症兒童之自理能力、大肌及遊戲技巧。於2011年開始,Jenkin 在外國開始提供 1 對 1 自閉症行為分析、感覺遊戲、大小肌、樂器、球類、游泳及桌上訓練,同時修讀各樣與自閉症相關課程,如表達藝術、專業教練學、屋樹人心理分析等等,於2016 年回港澳地區後全職投入 ABA 家居訓練及心理輔導服務,希望每位兒童能充份發揮內在潛能。

Jenkin 亦透過香港專業培訓學會為香港弘立書院、香港思拔中心、香港善導會、澳門利民會進行 企業培訓等。

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